Fake hacks put cheaters on ice, the result is laughable


Nobody feels like cheating – not even the programmer and YouTuber ScriptKid. In order to get back at the fraudsters, he has come up with a creative solution: He simply beats them at their own gun by publishing fake cheat software .

Teamkills instead of aimbot

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also a popular game with cheaters; in 2016, hackers were usually encountered every four to five games . Apparently nothing has changed about that to this day, because ScriptKids bait software was downloaded over 1000 times in a period of two weeks – possibly because it promised that the supposed hack would not be detected by Valve’s Anti-Cheat.

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But instead of supporting the fraudsters with common cheats like aimbots or wallhacks, he made a fool of them: When using the software, random punishments are triggered during the game in order to sabotage the efficiency of the hackers. These ensure, for example, that the scammers automatically shoot their teammates, blow themselves up with grenades or throw away their weapon when fired.

This spectacle was recorded as a replay file, which was automatically sent to the programmer after the game – in the video you can get an idea of ​​the resulting chaos:

Doubts about the authenticity of the video

Even if the video is extremely funny, many viewers accuse the YouTuber that his video is supposed to be set – as the main argument they use the fact that in the video at 4:07 you can see a vote about being kicked out of a running game these votes can usually not be seen in the replay files.

In addition, many viewers consider it unlikely that potential cheaters would use the Troll software for more than a few minutes. In the video, however, you can see that one of the alleged fraudsters is said to have played with the software for eleven rounds.

At least the (anti) cheat software actually exists : ScriptKid published the complete source code of the program on its GitLab page . He just removed the passages in the source code that could have turned the app into a real hack by changing a line.

What we see in the video is actually triggered by the fake cheat – but whether these are recordings of real victims – or ScriptKid made them itself – cannot be said.