Fall Guys: What about when only cheaters play against each other?


Often you hear about how cheaters are matched against each other in some matches. The Fall Guys developer is now showing how messy it looks.

 popular measure against cheaters in video games is to simply throw all cheaters into the same match and let them play against each other. The developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout also pursued this idea with “Cheater Island” .

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Videos of the cheater duels: In contrast to other games, the official Twitter channel of the party game wants you to participate in this fun. For this he published some videos, which he said could come from the cheat matches.

The Cheater Island matches

The developer admits that he cannot guarantee that the matches shown are really Cheater Island. One thing is certain, however: the rounds that do not last ten seconds are filled to the brim with players who disobey the rules.

The match ends after just five seconds: The first video shows how all of the characters simply fly towards the winners’ crown at an impossible speed and thus skip the entire gameplay. We are unsure whether the winner will really enjoy this win.

Don’t blink! Another match is even shorter and ends after a single second. The round begins, suddenly all the players are at the goal and the strange idea is over. The developer has few words for it: it makes the game look bad.

The cheater island no longer exists

Even if the studio cannot confirm with absolute certainty that the matches shown come from Cheater Island, they know that corresponding rounds did indeed take place.

Nevertheless , cheaters will simply be locked out in the future instead of offering them the experiences shown above. In a long series of Twitter posts , they explain the reasons for this and the history of Cheater Island.

So the team initially started collecting data about cheaters without taking any action. Because they wanted to rule out false positives. After they had enough data, the experiment of matches started, in which only cheaters compete against each other.

Problems bring about the end

Cheaters are smart: The developer admits, however, that cheaters are anything but stupid. Because they find out why they were recognized, inform other fraudsters and look for new methods to circumvent the detection mechanisms.

The special matches had their own servers. And if there weren’t enough cheaters in a region, a match just never happened. Players were in a never-ending queue. At the same time, however, there were also bugs that led to the same problem.

Anti-cheat mechanisms are secret: However, the developer could not inform anyone about these measures, as otherwise the cheaters would have found it easy to bypass the mechanisms. A dilemma for the studio.

It was a fight between the cheaters and the Fall Guys team. The fraudsters found loopholes, the studio plugged them. A constant cycle began.

For example, it was possible to bypass Cheater Island by starting a group with non-cheaters. You could also use family sharing to create second accounts without paying accordingly.

heaters do everything to be able to cheat

The developer was quite surprised at how far some users went just to be able to cheat. You realized you were in an arms race. Eventually it was decided to ask Epic for help.

Epic rushes to help: The result of the collaboration is the next update, which is called “Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus”. Easy Anti-Cheat will be integrated so that the matches will no longer be influenced by the use of unfair auxiliary programs in the future.

But that doesn’t just have advantages. Because this means that Linux users can no longer play the title via compatibility levels such as Proton from Valve or Wine. Because EAC doesn’t work with it.